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Our next scheduled show to vendor is the Saint Louis Reptile Show May18, 2014. Come on out and say hi!


NARBC Tinley Park Oct. 11-12, 2014. We will not be vending, but a good show to attended.


Looking for Gift Ideas?

Looking for a gift idea for that frog enthusiast in you life? Consider our book Poison Dart Frogs: A guide to Care and Breeding and our Cafe Press store.

Frog Day 2014

San Diego will be the 2014 host city. Details are still be finalized so click here for details!

The Learning Center

Check out our new page to the website dedicated to teaching hobbyist important information and provide some quick tips.

The Learning Center


Legislatures on the state and federal levels are currently working to prohibit the keeping of many species and all out bans of keeping due to misguided, misinformed legislators and irresponsible owners. Help fight for the right to keep reptile and amphibians by supporting USArk. Click here for more details.

As hobby breeders we hope to share our love and passion for wildlife by providing captive bred and hand selected wildlife.

Why buy captive breed wildlife? To save your wallet and the environment. Captive breed wildlife takes the demand out of collecting animals from the wild for the pet trade. In addition, captive breed wildlife minimizes internal parasitic and viral infections that often kill animals within the first year of captivity.

Our dedication to excellence begins with the hand selection of live stock from some of the top breeders in the nation. We strive to provide quality animals that are perfect for family pets or stunning terrarium specimen. We utilize our individual backgrounds in engineering, education, and zookeeping to provide you the best animal and information on the net.


Poison Dart Frogs: A Guide to Care and Breeding

Paperback, 96 pages. Full Color. Suggested Retail Price: $25

Buy it here for $25 Shipped!

Publisher: Herpetological Publishing ISBN: 978-0-615-42217-6 .

This book is authored by Jason Juchems, the owner of Designed for the beginning hobbyist, this guide provided up to date information on the proper care and husbandry technique for successful dart frog keeping.


Click here for more information and how to order.


"I would highly recommend this book to any new person or budding Hobbyist. It's a great "first read" and proper introduction to the Dart Frog Hobby. We (The Hobby) need more efforts like this."

Philip Payes Owner, Administrator of Dart


Interested in a Dart Frog Forum? This is our forum and the best place to go for advice from us and some great hobbyist. Post your vivarium build, ask questions, learn, and grow in the dart frog community. Come over and join the fun in our monthly contest.







Not Just Dart Frogs!

We do work with more than just Poison Dart Frogs! We work with other species of amphibians and reptiles. These animals will be found in the availability section or redirct to one of our other websites. Please keep in mind many of the "rarer" species have been spoken for or require a wait list. If you do not see them available on the site I do not have any for sale to the public. All wait list are closed unless noted in availability or on forums.